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משובים של לקוחות:



"Shlomy helped my entire team prepare for two major conferences in the online industry. For me, the conference was one of my first public appearances. Although I was used to hiding behind my computer and was hesitant about public speaking, thanks to Shlomy's training I was able to stand, present, and most importantly, to deliver my message in a clear and organizing manner that spoke directly to my target audience. Shlomy has the unique ability to identity important insights and messages from the many facts we all wanted to present. I am confident that Shlomy can contribute to both experienced and beginner speakers.


Lena Aronov,

Localization Project Manager, Conduit

"Mr. Saragossi gave a keynote lecture and workshop on the subject of public speaking. This session provided 30 participants from 19 different developing countries with practical tools, knowledge and inspiration to articulate ideas in an organized fashion and effectively. Mr. Saragossi demonstrated a high degree of charismatic character and influenced greatly participants with his professional stance. I recommend Shlomy as a skilled speaker, providing sound tools, motivating his audience into career development and beyond." 



Jeremy Ben-Shalom, Program Officer

Weitz Center for Development Studies​​​​​​

"Shlomy worked with me on an important presentation that I had to give to the entire company. I received from Shlomy individual consulting that included a lot of important advice that significantly improved my PPT presentation and the way that I presented it. The in-depth work that we did together included reflecting on the way I present and suggestions for how to improve, examining each slide in my presentation, focusing on achieving the objective of my presentation, making the content more understandable, and tips for connecting with my audience. The tools that Shlomy gave me have changed the way I prepare presentations and give my colleagues feedback on their presentations."


Gal Sperber, Adv.

M&A Lead Counsel

"Shlomy has been a tremendous asset and has helped me greatly in presenting a strong, confident and clear message about my company. Through my work with Shlomy, I have been able to arrive well prepared to dozens of presentation to investors and business people. More importantly, his help enabled me be sufficiently confident and clear to be able to improvise and adapt, and change my presentation between different groups in the same day."


David Warshawsky, Ph.D.

President and CEO, LifeMap Sciences

"We invited Shlomy to give a presentation on effective communication to our Senior Management Team. In his very engaging presentation, Shlomy presented a unique model that made us rethink the way we communicate with our portfolio companies investors and colleagues. He also gave us practical tools that I am sure we will all implement. I highly recommend Shlomy."


Ruthi Simha

General Partner, Founder, Viola Credit

"I was very happy with the opportunity to host Shlomy as a guest lecturer for our 4th year students at the department of industrial design at HIT. Shlomy gave a 90 min workshop to prepare our students for the presentation of their final project. I was very impressed with the thorough and professional way in which Shlomy adressed preparing the session - learning deeply the needs and characteristics of our students and their task. Shlomy managed to hold effectively the attention of a group of 60 design students (not an easy task!) and to hold a very effective session that created an experience of active learning through a variety of tools. I was especially impressed by the way Shlomy handled issues of group dynamics - giving everyone his/her space and yet setting clear boundaries. The feedback from our students was especially positive and enthusiastic!"


Adital Ela
S-Sense Design

"Shlomy is an extremely professional, highly skilled and talented public speaking consultant. From the first session Shlomy gave positive and direct critique of our presentation, with clear suggestions on how to improve the structure and the delivery of the presentation, to maximize the impact of the message.
By the second session we already felt much more confident and on-track. Shlomy helped us with the polishing of the presentation and most importantly in focusing in getting our message out! We enjoyed working with Shlomy and wholeheartedly recommend his services."
Giordana Levy, Director of Investor Relations
Quintessential Capital

"'Unique way of teaching', 'meaningful sessions', 'I didn't realize I was making an effort, i  just learned a lot', 'great leader' are just some of the feedback you got after training young Czech leaders. Thank you for the wonderful teamwork, for the versatile set of tools, your professional approach, your enthusiasm in the details, and your great attitude."


Marian Ziss, Clinical Psychologist

Director of Leadership in the Prague Jewish Community

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