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Individual Coaching

Whether you are an experienced speaker or someone who is still struggling with stage fright, I can help you prepare for your speech or presentation in a way that is natural and feels right to you. Working one-on-one, I help every client do proper research about their audience (needs, background, motives, and more) and then build the message and outline of their presentation or speech.


If clients choose to use PowerPoint or Prezi, I will review every slide with them to ensure ther presentation is clear, concise, and engaging. I then videotape the client giving the presentation and provide minute-by-minute feedback using video cilps.


Many of my clients later bring me a video of their public speech or presentaiton and together we analyze their effectiveness in order to learn as much as possible for future speeches.


Working one-on-one we can focus on:

  • Improving body language

  • Coping with stage fright

  • Developing a creative attention grabber for the beginning of your speech

  • Building a powerful conclusion (that will immediately get applause)

  • Using visual aids correctly

  • Connecing with our audience

  • And more...

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